'The Spanish crying room,'enter and cry

‘The Spanish crying room,’enter and cry

Madrid, Spain, designs the “crying room” with the principle of “enter and cry.” The Spanish capital, Madrid

created a place for crying so that there would be an opportunity for those who wish to cry and vent themselves

?What is the Spanish crying room

the Spanish crying room

The capital of Spain,Madrid, made a place to cry and put a sign hanging on it “Enter and weep.”, to give a chance for those who enter it to unleash their tears and cry. There are also phones and a list of names of a number of people, including psychiatrists, who can be contacted and talked to in the same room.in case of  depression and frustration.

And the walls inside this place bear phrases written by 60% of Spaniards who did not think of visiting a psychiatrist, which is represented in “crying for the brave.” On one of the mirrors was written the phrase “I want to look good on the inside too” and other Sentences that describe each person’s psychological state.

?What is the aim behind doing this project

the Spanish crying corner

The main aim of this project is to get rid of the social problems associated with psychological troubles by crying and seeking help. John Nilsson, a Swedish student living in the Spanish capital, said: “A really great idea to face mental health problems, it is a shame to cry in Spain as it is in many countries,” .according to the UAE website Al Ain.

The main reason for starting this project was when they examined some government data, which revealed the suicide of 3,671 people in Spain in 2019, so that suicide is the second most common cause of death after death from natural causes, and some data confirmed that one in ten adults suffers from a Psychological problems, while 5.8% of the Spanish population suffers from anxiety.

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