"Russia detects a new strain of corona “AY 4.2

“Russia detects a new strain of corona “AY 4.2

Russia detects a new strain of Corona in its territory, “AY 4.2”, where new infections of this strain have been recorded in Russia.

Russia detects a new strain of Corona:

Russia detects a new strain of corona

According to the Russian news agency, Akmil Khvizov confirmed today that many new cases of people infected with the new mutated strain of the Corona virus “AY4 4.2” were discovered in Russia, explaining that there is a high probability that this strain will spread in Russia and all countries around the world. On a wide scale, explaining that the new strain of the Corona virus is increasing at a great speed, but he does not think that this strain will be the reason for the continued rise in cases of Corona virus in other countries.

Akmil Khvizov, director of the Center for the Development of New Methods of Disease Diagnostics of the Russian Federal Service for Consumer Protection “Rospotrebnadzor”, explained that the vaccines for Corona used by his country are effective against the new strain “AY 4.2”.Yesterday, the Russian health authorities recorded 34,073 new infections throughout the country during the previous 24 hours, bringing the total number of infections since the start of the pandemic to 8,94,825 cases. And the Russian President has agreed to impose an official holiday from the thirtieth day of this month until the seventh of November with pay, due to the increase in the number of Corona victims to record levels in the country.

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