mount Etna volcano (Italy) : eruption update

mount Etna volcano (Italy) : eruption update

Mount Etna, the most active volcano in Europe, erupted on the Italian island of Sicily again this year, coinciding with great volcanic activity recorded in the region throughout the year, and thick clouds appeared that covered part of the island temporarily,  this is according to  “Midi Libre” website. Many videos documenting the accident and the scene of ash and smoke from the volcano on the eastern coast of the Italian island, which led to the appearance of lightning, especially in the city of Taormina.

    Sicily eruption and Etna volcano

Etna volcano erupts again on the Italian island of Sicily

On August 11, the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy issued a report stating that the Etna crater recorded a growth in height after six months of activity,this made it the largest active volcano in Europe longer than ever before, and the northeastern crater Etna reached a record height of 3,350 meters in 1981, but collapse at its edges reduced that to 3,326 metres.

In this accident, witnesses reported seeing a large lava flow from the volcano, which made up of volcanic gases, water vapors, and solid particles (shards of lava and slag). The local media did not report any injuries or property damage.The government of Sicily was able to clean up 300,000 tons of ash because this ash was causing a disturbance in some surrounding areas, polluting the streets, slowing traffic and destroying crops.

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