Global Health:Corona will end when world chooses to end it

Global Health:Corona will end when world chooses to end it

Global Health: Corona will end when the world chooses to end it. World Health Organization’s Director-general, (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) announced that the Corona epidemic, Covid-19, can be ended when the world wants to end it and that it has become easier to combat in light of the availability of all modern tools. He also indicated that vaccines should be distributed in a more equitable manner.

Statements of the UN official at the Berlin Conference

Global Health:Corona will end when world chooses to end it

The American Al-Hurra channel reported the statements of the UN official, who said, “The epidemic will end when world chooses to end it. It is in our hands, and we have all the tools we need. ” He announced his alarm that the world has not used the tools equitably so far, and that in light of the world recording about 50 thousand deaths a week, there is no chance of ending the epidemic. He stressed that the global health goal is to immunize 40% of the population of each country by the end of the year and 70% by the middle of the year 2022.

In his statements, he referred to the countries that reached the 40% target, including the G20 countries, to leave an opportunity to deliver vaccines to the international COVAX mechanism and the African Vaccine Acquisition Fund established by the African Union. He also calls on vaccine manufacturers to share knowledge, technology and licenses, as well as to waive intellectual property rights.

Then the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, explained in a recorded video, “The victory that was achieved by developing vaccines and bringing them to market in record time, failed due to the tragedy of the unequal distribution between countries.”

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