?What happens if you eat too much Salt

?What happens if you eat too much Salt

 Many people are exposed to an increase in the proportion of salts in the body, as this problem is considered a temporary and occasional problem. It is expected that all people, as well as children, will be infected with it during a period of their lives, and this problem appears due to the increase in salts and uric acid in the body.

One of the most important reasons that affect the body with salts are unhealthy nutrition, eating meat and protein in a large proportion, and not drinking water in sufficient quantities, as water dissolves salts in the body and eliminates the risk of many diseases caused by its increase.

Salt damage

?What happens if you eat too much Salt

    • Infection with gout:

    It is one of the diseases that affects the feet when the percentage of uric acid increases in the body, and thus the kidneys are unable to absorb this percentage. These excess quantities are stored in the body. People with gout usually follow an unhealthy food program. They eat a large proportion of proteins such as red meat, beans, and beans. An imbalance occurs in the body and the functioning of the kidneys is disrupted properly. The salts are concentrated in the extremities of the body, especially the feet and extremities, which leads to significant and noticeable swelling, and a feeling of pain, especially in the joints, with a rise in body temperature.

    • Stones in the kidney

    It is one of the diseases that may affect the kidneys, so these stones form due to an increase in salts in the body, as a result of the accumulation of uric acid in the kidneys, and the inability to get rid of it. With the increase in the size of these stones, the pain increases chronically, and the patient feels some symptoms, including vomiting and nausea after eating the food. When treating this problem is delayed, this causes kidney failure, and its symptoms are lack of urine, a feeling of severe tightness in the chest, inability to breathe properly, swelling of the feet and limbs, and in advanced cases, the inability to walk.

Treatment of excess salt in the body

It is necessary to visit a specialist doctor to treat the problem with salt, and take some treatments and antibiotics in small doses before the problem worsens. It is necessary to change the diet followed by a person, such as drinking large amounts of pure and healthy water, avoiding adding salt to food, reducing the intake of foods containing fat, and exercising on a daily basis.

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