top 10 surprising benefits of Watercress and its oil

top 10 surprising benefits of Watercress and its oil

Watercress is considered one of the oldest leafy vegetables in the world. Records indicate that the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, Persians, Romans and Portuguese used wild watercress about 3000 years ago. Watercress may be grown in moist soil, but it is usually grown in shallow running water, and it grows best in shaded areas, especially during the summer.Watercress has been shown to have many health benefits including; Treating eczema, anemia, and other medical conditions.

Watercress benefits

top 10 surprising benefits of Watercress and its oil

  • It is high in antioxidants, which help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals, which are harmful molecules that cause oxidative stress, which is linked to many chronic diseases including; Diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease
  • Reduces the risk of developing certain types of cancer: watercress contains glucosinolates; Which activates compounds called isothiocyanates when chewed or cut with a knife, and these compounds have been found to reduce the risk of cancer by protecting healthy cells from damage, disrupting cancer-causing chemicals, and preventing the growth and spread of tumors.
  • Contributes to maintaining heart health: the antioxidants in watercress play a role in maintaining heart health, and dietary nitrates in watercress promote the health of blood vessels by reducing inflammation, hardening and thickening blood vessels. In addition, watercress helps lower cholesterol levels, which improves heart health.
  • Contribute to maintaining bone health: Watercress contains a high percentage of vitamin K, which is associated with a reduced risk of bone fractures. It helps to improve calcium absorption and reduce calcium excretion in urine.
  • Contributes to strengthening physical immunity: the high content of vitamin C in watercress promotes the health of the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells that fight infection.

Watercress oil benefits

One study examined the benefit of using watercress oil in treating burns due to chemicals and exposure to various heat in rabbits, and it was concluded that watercress oil helped prevent the growth of bacteria, and reduce inflammation at the site of infection.In addition, watercress oil showed a similar effect to antibiotics in the constriction of the wound site and the time of its closing, which confirms the possibility of using watercress oil in the treatment of burns. Here are other benefits of watercress oil:

  • It acts as a treatment for damaged hair; This is because it works to strengthen the internal hair follicles, which are responsible for giving the hair strength, so watercress oil works to prevent hair loss, and prevents baldness and the appearance of dandruff.
  • It contains many antioxidants and vitamins, and if applied to the face or neck, it reduces the appearance of signs of aging represented by wrinkles, and works to give the skin a lively and shiny look.
  • Watercress oil contains calcium in good quantities, and this would work to strengthen the bones of the body and teeth, as well as work to strengthen the nails, and prevent their fracturing.
  • Because it contains iron, it strengthens the blood, in addition to reducing bleeding.
  • Watercress oil purifies the body of toxins, and breaks up the stones from the kidneys

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