The Danish Prime Minister denied the order of killing mink

The Danish Prime Minister denied the order of killing mink

The Danish Prime Minister denies her knowledge of the illegal killing of “mink”, as Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen confirmed that she was not aware of the illegality of killing mink.

The law on the illegality of killing mink animals

The Danish Prime Minister denied the order of killing mink

Where some sources confirmed that the Prime Minister had issued a decision to kill between 15 and 17 million mink animals in all farms inside the Kingdom, and that was in November of the year 2020, and Frederiksen explained, in response to the questions of an investigative committee, “I did not know about it.Whether at the time the decision was made (to kill the mink), or during the press conference that followed… in the event of crises, we should never be afraid to make the necessary decisions.”

The kingdom’s parliament was opened in December of last year, in order to investigate this known incident whether Frederiksen and members of her government were aware of the illegality of killing the mink inside the country. The investigation committee has discovered that it is impossible to see the private text messages sent by Frederiksen and the officials in her office who were informed about this incident, as officials’ phones were set to automatically delete messages 30 days after they were sent.

Frederiksen explained about the deletion of the messages, as she said during the press conference that the Cabinet Office had advised her to activate the automatic deletion of messages on the phone in the summer of 2020. That is, months before the decision to kill the mink, in November 2020, the Danish authorities announced that it was necessary to exterminate all mink, which numbered about 15-17 million animals on all farms in the Kingdom due to infection with the Corona virus, in a move that destroyed the largest fur industry in Europe.

In December of 2020,The authorities issued a law stating that “it is forbidden to breed mink in the Kingdom until December 31, 2021 due to its danger in the spread of Corona.” The authorities were forced to admit that they did not have the legal rights to demand the killing of animals before the relevant legislation was passed.

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