...A devastating asteroid is approaching Earth

…A devastating asteroid is approaching Earth

A massive asteroid about 330 meters long is on its way to Earth in early December, according to NASA’s asteroid tracker. This mysterious asteroid is called 4660 Nereus, or 1982 dB, and is taller than the Eiffel Tower and twice the height of the Washington Monument. It is scheduled to pass by the planet  on December 11 at a distance of about 3.9 million km and at a speed of 6.578 km / sec.

An alien body is approaching Earth at the end of this year

...A devastating asteroid is approaching Earth

It is worth noting that despite the large size of this asteroid and its close to the Earth, it does not pose any threat. And that’s fortunate for us as an asteroid of this size hitting Earth can be devastating.

What is special about this asteroid is not its size or its impact on the planet, but the possibility of its exploration, due to its orbit close to the planet, and its orbital resonance is about 2:1, which means that it orbits approximately twice for each revolution of the planet, which made the task of Exploring it is easy.

Nereus is about 330 meters long, making it more than 90% of asteroids, but it is very small when compared to large asteroids, according to space references.

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