...China returns with the Heihe virus

…China returns with the Heihe virus

China returns with the HeiHe virus..Is it the most dangerous mutant for Corona? The virus is being intensively researched at the present time, after it began spreading in China, which raises a state of anxiety and panic among many people around the world.

HeiHe virus is a new mutated virus in China

...China returns with the Heihe virus

China raises the world’s concern again after its recent discovery of a new mutant of corona, which is the “HeiHe mutant”, which was named according to the city of “HeiHe” near the Sino-Russian border, in which the mutant appeared for the first time. News sites confirmed that it had not Various symptoms are recorded with other strains of corona.

The doctor’s comment on awareness about the new strain

A professor of chest diseases in the Chinese city of Wuhan confirmed that the new strain is rapidly spreading. Since October, 288 cases have been discovered in Heihe City, and the source of the new strain has not been discovered until now, but by analyzing its genetic code, it was found that this new strain differs in the genetic structure from the strains that appeared previously in China, and he added that a scientific name for this strain will be added soon.

Its symptoms include sudden falls and tremors, but not all of the mutated symptoms have been reached so far, because it is considered a new one.

China has called on all citizens to stock up on food supplies in the coming period, but is this due to the emergence of the new Corona mutant, or because of the frost that affects China at this time every year?

The authorities have closed and besieged the city in which the mutant appeared, in order to be able to prevent its spread to other countries.

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