Top 7 outstanding benefits of cinnamon oil

Top 7 outstanding benefits of cinnamon oil

Top 7 outstanding benefits of cinnamon oil. The cinnamon plant is abundant in tropical regions of Asia, especially India, but it has become cultivated in all  regions of the world due to its great importance and benefits . It includes several chemical ingredients that are medically beneficial and therapeutic for a variety of diseases, as well as effective in curing common colds in people. Oil is produced from the bark of its sticks and peels.and it is one of the oils that people are afraid to use because of its great effectiveness on the skin when used alone. but when combined with other oils, it becomes extremely beneficial on the skin.

Benefits of cinnamon oil

Top 7 outstanding benefits of cinnamon oil

  • Wound healing speed

Cinnamon oil contributes to the effective speed of wound healing, but cinnamon oil can have some harmful side effects on the skin, so it is preferable to use cinnamon oil supplements orally to speed up the wound healing process rather than apply it directly to the skin.

  • Maintaining a healthy digestive system

Cinnamon oil effectively contributes to maintaining the health of the digestive system’s ability to function properly, as it acts as an anti-toxin, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Cinnamon oil can be used by mixing a few drops of it with hot water or tea, or adding it to foods. Cinnamon oil can have a positive effect on the symptoms of Crohn’s disease, but there is no scientific research yet to support its effects on Crohn’s disease patients.

  • insect repellent

The scent of cinnamon leaves helps get rid of annoying household insects such as cockroaches, black ants, flies, and mosquitoes. Studies have also proven that it can have a more effective effect in getting rid of mosquitoes than toxic chemicals, and it can be used by spraying cinnamon oil or placing it around the house. In addition to being used to get rid of head lice, it can also be placed on covers and fillings to get rid of bed bugs.

  • natural disinfectant

Cinnamon oil is a non-toxic natural disinfectant. It has strong antibacterial properties, so it can be used to clean toilets, refrigerators, door handles, and sneakers, and it can also be used to clean and disinfect cutting boards.

  • Diabetes treatment

Several studies have shown that cinnamon and its oil are effective in patients with type 2 diabetes, as they act as insulin and increase insulin sensitivity in the body. Several studies have also proven that cinnamon oil can reduce blood sugar levels by up to 24%.

  • help to get rid of  phlegm

Cinnamon oil has decongestant properties and helps relieve phlegm, mucus, and any other respiratory diseases or infections, in addition to preventing diseases related to phlegm and accumulated mucus.

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