World's first air-conditioned helmet in Expo 2020 Dubai

World’s first air-conditioned helmet in Expo 2020 Dubai

Dubai has issued the first air-conditioned safety helmet for workers who perform their duties outdoors, roads and field sites in the UAE.

Learn about the world’s first air-conditioned helmet

World's first air-conditioned helmet in Expo 2020 Dubai

A new Indian company has manufactured the first air-conditioned safety helmet and unveiled it in the Indian Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. In addition, this indicates that the UAE’s interest in the issue of the comfort and safety of its workers extends to the fact that it does not make workers in the construction and industrial sectors work at noon during the summer.

UAE law also requires providing workers with safety equipment and clothing that protects them from injuries and dangers.

The air-conditioned helmet has been designed to keep workers comfortable while working outdoors in the high temperatures of industrial areas. The air-conditioned helmet will be available in the UAE and Arab regions.

The helmet will get its operating power from a battery that can be recharged, which does not require maintenance, and the UAE companies will provide an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain the comfort of workers, regardless of the conditions surrounding them.

The exceptional model of the helmet will be available to senior officials, accompanied by a battery that works for two hours without the need to charge it, while the intensive service model, which is intended for skilled workers, will be available with a backup battery that works for about 10 hours. The safety helmet will help increase productivity and keep workers safe and comfortable.

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