Van Gogh painting fetches $35.9 million

Van Gogh painting fetches $35.9 million

A Van Gogh painting fetches $35.9 million at auction in New York, which was seized by the Nazis during the occupation of France in World War II, and thus recorded the highest price for a Dutch watercolor.

Van Gogh painting fetches $35.9 million.

Van Gogh painting fetches $35.9 million

Christie’s auctions said the price for the 1888 haystack was much higher than pre-auction estimates of $20 million to $30 million.

The painting was shown to the public for the last time in 1905. This painting reflects a haystack in Arles, France, where Van Gogh lived for a period in the 19th century. Unlike his more famous oil paintings, Van Gogh used watercolors and gouache in this painting.

After Van Gogh committed suicide at the age of 37, ownership of the painting was transferred, initially to his brother Theo and then to several owners, to be owned by Nazi forces during the Nazi occupation of France.

After the war and until the 1970s, the location of this painting remained unknown. It remained in a private collection until Christie’s purchased it from the painting’s owner and the original owner’s heirs.

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