NASA mission 2030 :A trip to Venus

NASA mission 2030 :A trip to Venus

The US space agency “NASA” has announced its intention to work on launching two missions on a tour to explore the planet Venus at the beginning of the 2030s.

NASA mission 2030 :A trip to Venus

NASA mission :a trip to Venus

NASA named these two missions “Veritas” and “Da Vinci.” The first mission will orbit Venus and observe the planet’s dense clouds, while the second will investigate the planet’s atmosphere and the gases that make up it.

NASA highlighted the “Da Vinci” mission on its official Twitter account, where it published a video of the mission and the scientific experiments that will take place to better understand Venus.

The DaVinci mission focuses on analyzing information related to the atmosphere of Venus to help scientists understand how it was formed. The mission will also monitor the change in clouds over time and will try to identify a strange chemical that mysteriously absorbs ultraviolet light.

Scientists hope da Vinci’s mission will help us understand how the strange highlands of Venus are formed.

The mission will also provide some important information and data related to the layers of the atmosphere of Venus, the winds in it, and its temperature, which will help scientists answer all the questions related to the presence of water on Venus in the past.

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