The Louvre Museum is organizing an Islamic arts campaign

The Louvre Museum is organizing an Islamic arts campaign

The Louvre Museum to teach the French about the culture of the East between the past and the present. The campaign will include 18 exhibitions in 18 French cities and will run from November 20 to March 27, with the aim of educating the French about Islamic culture and reminding them of the importance of the ancient and close ties between France and the East.

The Louvre Museum is organizing an Islamic arts campaign.

Louvre Museum

The event will take place at the Louvre Museum, Arts of Islam Between the Past and the Present, and the campaign will take place in 18 galleries in 18 cities in France from November 20 to March 27, according to the official account of the French Embassy on Twitter.

In another context, the Tomb of Akhethetep, one of the most famous Egyptian archaeological exhibits in the Louvre, has been restored to its original size after four years of restoration, allowing visitors to better contemplate this work that tells the story of life in ancient Egypt 4,000 years ago.

This comes within the framework of the renewal of a large section dedicated to Egyptian antiquities in the famous Paris Museum, and the organizers of this section seek to increase the visibility of the new works in their collections and the works that have been restored in them.

In the reception hall, there is a limestone statue of a dog, found in Assiut, probably at the end of the Ptolemaic dynasty (1st century BC), after a long period of restoration work.

In the second hall, there is a large facade called “Dictionary of the Gods” that links the letters of the alphabet with statues and groups with explanations about the arts and religions in ancient Egypt.

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