?Why you must have a pinch of Nutmeg daily

?Why you must have a pinch of nutmeg daily

Nutmeg is one of the most commonly used spices in the world, and it is taken from the fruits of the evergreen nutmeg tree, which bears the scientific name Myristica fragrans. The islands near Indonesia, southern India, and the Caribbean islands are considered the original homes of this tree. These fruits produce two types of spices: nutmeg seasoning is taken from the seeds, while the other type, known as mace, which is less common, is taken by crushing the dried outer shell of the seed. This tree is the only one in the world that produces two types of spices.

fruits of it have been one of the most used plants since ancient times until the present time in many nutritional, therapeutic, health, and cosmetic fields. It is used by a large number of people around the world due to the great benefits it brings to the human body, as well as being one of the spices that improve the flavor and taste. There are many foods and nutritional dishes, especially in Arab kitchens, so we have discussed in this article the most prominent benefits of nutmeg.

?Why you must have a pinch of nutmeg daily


it contains many minerals and antioxidants that are important to the body and boost its immunity, especially calcium, potassium, copper, and manganese.

Here are the most important benefits of nutmeg that will make you accept its use in your various daily dishes:

    • One of the benefits of nutmeg is that it improves the health of the digestive system in general, helps to get rid of flatulence, intestinal upsets, and diarrhea, and is soothing for pain and stomach ulcers.
    • it helps in improving the health of the skin as nutmeg is used in making masks for the skin, which helps to make it clearer and brighter, and helps remove spots and traces of acne. Nutmeg also helps prevent premature skin aging, which may be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.
    • oil of it has a soothing and analgesic role for toothaches, in addition to having an aesthetic effect on teeth whitening. it is also antibacterial and acts as an antiseptic that protects the gums, helps prevent tooth decay, and treats bad breath.
    • it has been used since ancient times as a brain tonic, to increase focus and to prevent fatigue, stress, and depression.
    • it  is well-known in Chinese medicine as a pain reliever, particularly for abdominal pain and inflammation, and it has been shown to help with joint pain and inflammation, as well as muscle pain and inflammation, as well as teeth and gums.
    • it helps treat insomnia and aids sleep, as a pinch of ground nutmeg with a glass of warm milk before bed will do the job. It has been shown that consuming nutmeg in small quantities and regularly helps to regulate sleep, increase its duration and improve its quality in general.
    • it helps treat liver diseases, and nutmeg has the potential to protect the liver from free radicals that cause many diseases.
    • Experts who specialize in developing diets for patients with high blood pressure recommend including nutmeg in the patient’s diet due to its potential capabilities in lowering blood pressure, but this is still an issue under investigation.
    • it rids various body systems, such as the liver and kidneys, of accumulated toxins such as alcohol, pollution, and natural organic toxins. Nutmeg also contains active substances that dissolve kidney stones and help the kidneys and liver work efficiently.

The side effects of Nutmeg

Excessive consumption of it leads to some harm, such as hallucinations, seizures, irregular heartbeat, vomiting, anxiety, and stress. It also leads to severe depression of the nervous system and may lead to sudden death and tinnitus as a result of its anesthetic effect.

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