Health Benefits of Valerian and its side effects

Health Benefits of Valerian and its side effects

Health Benefits of Valerian and its side effects .Valerian is a flowering plant that you often find in the continents of Europe and Asia, and most of the benefits of this plant are concentrated in its roots that are dried and used in medicinal treatments because they contain a wide range of important substances and nutrients, especially antioxidants.

The most common use of Valerian is as a natural sleep aid, due to its natural anesthetic effect.

Health Benefits of Valerian

Health Benefits of Valerian

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There are many amazing health benefits of Valerian, and these are the most important:

    • Improve sleep quality: Valerian is often used to help sleep, especially by people who suffer from difficulties and disturbances in sleep and to get rid of constantly interrupted sleep. Valerian helps to stimulate relaxation, a feeling of drowsiness, and the desire to sleep.
      It is worth noting here that you should pay attention to the dose taken of Valerian for the purpose of sleep, as the hypnotic effect of this herb is very strong.
    • Reducing hyperactivity: The problem of hyperactivity is increasing in an unprecedented way, so a study demonstrated the ability of Valerian root tea to calm the symptoms associated with hyperactivity and increase the ability to focus by reducing stress hormones and stress within the body.
    • Improving the health of the nervous system: The nervous system has many difficult tasks, especially metabolism, which makes it need a rest from time to time, and here comes the role of Valerian roots. Valerian helps to relax the body and improve the health of the nervous system, especially for those who suffer from diseases related to the nervous system, such as neuropathy and facial paralysis.
    • Get rid of insomnia and stress.
      Regular use of Valerian helps to restore the balance of neurotransmitters in the brain, which reduces the levels of stress hormones in the body and allows the body to get the rest and relaxation it needs.
      Valerian root tea also helps to get rid of headaches and migraines because it contains anti-inflammatory properties that calm the inflammation in the capillaries and reduce blood pressure in them.
    • Heart rate improvement: Valerian is considered one of the beneficial plants for the heart in particular and the circulatory system in general, as it contains substances that help improve the flexibility of blood vessels and improve blood flow in them. Due to its anesthetic and sedative properties, Valerian also works to strengthen the heart muscle and improve the heartbeat.

Risks and warnings of Valerian

It should be noted that before taking Valerian, you should consult a specialist doctor to be able to know the correct and necessary dose in proportion to your health situation.

After you know the benefits of Valerian, you should be aware of some of the risks and warnings associated with it, as mentioned in the following:

  • Valerian may cause some side effects, including:
  1. Headache
  1. Digestion problems and stomach upsets
  1. The appearance of results opposite to the desired results, such as more insomnia and stress
  1. problems with the nervous system, so it is best to avoid it completely before surgery.
  • Valerian interacts with some medications such as antidepressants, anxiety medications, asthma medications, high blood pressure medications, and seizure medications.
  • Avoid taking Valerian completely by the pregnant woman because it poses a threat to the health of the pregnant woman and her fetus, especially in the first three months, during breastfeeding as well.
  • Avoid taking Valerian extract if you intend to drive after that, as this may cause you to become dizzy and increase your chances of being in a traffic accident.
  • Avoid taking Valerian with alcoholic beverages.
  • In some rare cases, sudden discontinuation of Valerian causes an effect similar to that of drug withdrawal from the body. If you take Valerian regularly and decide to stop, you should do so gradually.

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