Benefits of Senna makki you should know

Benefits of Senna makki you should know

Benefits of Senna makki you should know .Senna Makki is a herb with a height of about a meter, and it is cultivated in a hot climate. It has been known in the western Arabian Peninsula, “Hejaz” for a long time, and is also cultivated in other countries, including India and Pakistan.

Benefits of Senna makki you should know

Benefits of Senna makki you should know
Benefits of Senna makki you should know
  • Treats Constipation: The glycosides in the leaves of the senna herb cause contractions that increase bowel movement and thus contribute to the elimination of food waste within a short period.
  • colon cleanse : Senna leaves are used in traditional Chinese medicine to remove heat buildup in the large intestine, which helps it flush out stagnant food in the stomach. On the other hand, it is used as a natural antiseptic before a colonoscopy or colon surgery as well.
  • Treat indigestion: Senna herb is very effective in relieving symptoms associated with indigestion, such as heartburn, nausea, and constant belching, and when added with aromatic herbs, it reduces the accumulation of annoying gases in the stomach and thus reduces bloating.
  • lose weight : One of the benefits of the senna herb is that it helps lose weight. This is a result of the herb’s action as a strong laxative that helps eliminate undigested foods in the large intestine, which increases the effectiveness of the metabolism process, which in turn leads to weight loss.
  • Contributes to reducing bacterial growth: The essential oils extracted from this herb have anti-bacterial properties, which prevent the reproduction of bacteria, especially when infections occur. Chewing senna leaves can treat oral infections and gingivitis.
  • Treats skin infections: Creams made from senna leaves are very effective in treating acne and eczema due to their antibacterial property, in addition to containing acetone and ethanol, which fight microorganisms that cause various skin infections.
  • Senna makki helps to strengthen hair and get shiny, strong hair. Senna makki not only beautifies your hair, but also improves the condition of the scalp and gets rid of annoying dandruff.

Tips when using the herb senna

Despite the health and aesthetic benefits of senna, it is recommended to eat senna for a short period of time, not exceeding two weeks, in order to avoid the occurrence of many side effects, such as the following:

  • Severe diarrhea that leads to dehydration.
  • If exposure to an allergy to senna leaves appears as a change in the color of urine, then use should be discontinued immediately.
  • risk of developing rectal and colon cancer.
  • Possible muscle weakness, heart function disorders, and liver damage.

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