Thyme tea benefits to know and how to prepare it

Thyme tea benefits to know and how to prepare it

Thyme tea benefits to know and how to prepare it …Thyme is classified under the category of herbs, and thyme is one of the most important of these herbs, especially in the winter season because of its great benefits. Thyme has a distinctive smell and a delicious taste and is loved by bees for the manufacture of honey.

In the following article, we will learn about the health benefits of thyme tea:

Thyme tea benefits to know and how to prepare it:

Thyme tea benefits

The health benefits of thyme tea:

The health benefits of thyme tea are very diverse and can include the following:

  • Cough treatment
    Due to its expectorant properties, one of the most important health benefits of thyme tea is that it treats a cough. For this reason, it is mainly consumed in the winter, which contributes to calming the respiratory tracts and expanding the airways.
  • Improve your digestive health.
    Thyme tea has many benefits for the digestive system, as it helps treat indigestion, eliminate bloating and trapped gas, and improve bowel movement.
    Thyme tea is also a perfect solution for cases of upset stomach, nausea, constipation, or cramps.
    In addition to its antimicrobial properties, which help reduce germs in food, it can improve beneficial gut microbes and overall gut health.
  • Reducing the risk of chronic diseases
    Thyme tea contains a lot of antioxidants, and these antioxidants work to get rid of the accumulation of harmful free radicals in the body. This free radical accumulation in the body increases the risk of various chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.
    It also helps prevent or relieve many diseases, such as vertigo, multiple sclerosis, tinnitus, hepatitis, and shingles.
  • Contribute to the treatment of winter diseases.
    Eating thyme tea in the winter helps treat diseases associated with it, the most important of which are sore throats, colds, and influenza.
  • Other health benefits of thyme tea
    Thyme tea has many different health benefits, among which we also mention the following:
  1. To promote oral and dental health.
  1. reducing arthritis pain.
  1. Get rid of stress and improve your mood.
  1. strengthening the immune system.
  1. Improve cardiovascular health.
  1. lowering blood pressure in the body and regulating cholesterol levels in the body.
  1. It aids in weight loss by reducing appetite and improving metabolism.

How to prepare thyme tea:

It is possible to prepare thyme tea from fresh or dried thyme, and this is done by:

  1. Boil a cup of water, then add a tablespoon of dried thyme and let it boil for several minutes.
  1. Let the drink sit for 10–15 minutes before taking it.
  1. Do not boil thyme tea for a long period of time as it will lose the oils in it.

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