Sannur Valley Cave Reserve...the oldest in the world

Sannur Valley Cave Reserve…the oldest in the world

Sannur Valley Cave Reserve is the oldest in the world. The Sannur Valley Cave Reserve is considered one of the world’s rarest and most unique caves. There is no parallel in the world except for a cave in Virginia.

Sannur Valley Cave Reservethe oldest in the world

Sannur Valley Cave Reserve

Sannur Valley Cave Reserve is one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt, especially for its proximity to Cairo, and its long history. The cave may have been results from the chemical reactions of groundwater under the surface of the earth and its mixing with limestone, since the Eocene era, that is, 40 million years ago, and these interactions have produced Alabaster marble, the finest marble in the world, which is used in the manufacture of ornamental utensils.

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Sannur Valley Cave Reserve

Large quantities of decorated materials were found in Sannur Valley Cave, consisting of stalagmites, stalactites, curtains and beautiful columns. The cave consists of two large bays to the right and north of the opening leading to its interior, in the right part of which are limestone formations, taking different shapes of pears, islands, and coral reefs.

Sannur Valley Cave Reserve

The discovery of Sannur Valley Cave was a coincidence in 1992 when quarry workers were excavating for marble in that area and during the search explosions they discovered the Sannur Valley Cave. Geologists have estimated that the cave dates back to the middle Eocene period and is close to 40 million years old. As a result, the area was officially declared a nature reserve in 1992.

Sannur Valley Cave Reserve

The cave, which comes in the form of an arch, is considered one of the most important quarry stores, which the ancient Egyptian relied on to carve many stone statues using alabaster marble, in addition to making many pots, vases, and scarabs, as well as some tools that kings and commoners were keen to put in their tombs. and remained a major quarry for marble ore until 1991 before its discovery by chance .

Sannur Valley Cave Reserve

Scientists have discovered that the natural formations of the cave are very rare in the world, which made it of global importance and its rarity has become a unique cultural and scientific world shrine for researchers and scholars in geology. There is no analogue of it except in one cave located in the American state of Virginia, and the rock formations in which were formed over millions of years.

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