A secret lake in the arms of the mountain..Wadi Al-Washwashi

A secret lake in the arms of the mountain..Wadi Al-Washwashi

Wadi Al-Washwashi near Nuweiba, South Sinai, is an area of great beauty and splendor that was discovered by the desert Bedouins there and knew its tourist value

A secret lake in the arms of the mountain..Wadi Al-Washwashi

Wadi Al Washwashi

Sinai is the land of sacred mountains, enchanting valleys, and natural reserves. The most important of these valleys is Wadi Al-Washwashi, which is located in the far southeast of Sinai, specifically in the Abu Galum Reserve in Nuweiba City. It is considered one of the rarest valleys in the world, leading to a fresh green or turquoise lake. The lake reaches a height of nearly 150 meters above sea level and is intended for adventurers and those looking for recreation and isolation from the world.

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Tourists come to this lake, isolated from the world and its noise all year round due to its mild weather, where jumpers climb from the highest mountains to the lake to enjoy swimming in the warm waters, and there are some other tourists who like to climb mountains.

The Wadi Al-Washwashi area was formed by the accumulation of torrential water and rain in the winter, when trees grew from the heart of the mountains, in a wonderful scene that increased its beauty when water descends from the top of the mountains like a waterfall, creating a lake that appears in the arms of the mountain.

Wadi Al Washwashi

Millions of years ago, Wadi Al-Washwash received heavy torrential rains, which gathered at the bottom of its low valley at the top of the mountain. The fresh water collected in it, consisting of three charming lakes, characterized by their warmth throughout the year, where a huge number of volcanic stones called “granite” gather, making it like a natural swimming lake.

The visitors considered it the best place for camping, in addition to using it as a natural healing site, especially since it is rich in many plants and herbs that the people of the region use as a treatment for some diseases, Bedouins prepare a special tea from herbs grown in the mountains. The tea is said to cleanse the liver and detoxify the body making it a delicious and healthy cup.

Wadi Al-Washwashi got that name as a result of the sound that the wind makes when it hits the mountains surrounding the spring. The valley consists of three fresh, pure water springs, about 8 meters deep. Reaching the first lake requires climbing for about an hour and a half, then swimming in its waters to reach the second and third springs.

The Green Lake, the name by which the third lake was known, was given to it by the Sinai Bedouins since they discovered it dozens of years ago, due to the bright green color acquired from the granite stones that carry the water and form its wonderful shape.

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