The Temple of Amun in Siwa Oasis

The Temple of Amun in Siwa Oasis

Among the many and countless temples in Egypt, there is The Temple of Amun in Siwa Oasis. It is one of the most important monuments built during the twenty-sixth dynasty in the sixth century BC.It gained great fame in the past as a destination for exploring the future

The Temple of Amun in Siwa Oasis… Here Alexander the Great was crowned the son of Amun

The Temple of Amun

The Temple of Amun , also known as Temple of the oracle of amun , is one of the most famous archaeological and tourist sites in the Siwa Oasis in Egypt. The temple is located on the Aghurmi plateau, which rises 30 meters above the ground, where the visitor can see a complete view of the oasis with its mountains, houses, and palm plantations that surround it from the upper floor of the temple. The inscriptions in the area of the Holy of Holies inside the temple indicate that the temple was established by King Ahmose II, one of the most important kings of that family.

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The temple consists of three parts: the main temple, the governor’s palace, and the guards’ pavilion, and it has annexes such as the sacred well, in which washing and purification are performed. According to ancient Egyptian beliefs during the Pharaonic era, the importance of the temple is due to its being the landing place for the revelation of the god Amun, so it became an important destination for people in that age to consult on matters they wished to predict.

The Temple of Amun

The Temple of Amun witnesses an astronomical phenomenon called the vernal equinox, where the sun perpendicular to the temple twice a year in spring and autumn, and the day and night are equal after 90 days, which is the shortest day of the year, and after that another 90 days fall the longest.

This temple was called the Temple of Prophecies because people at that time were heading to the temple to consult the god Amun in the matters they wanted to predict about.

One of the most significant events related with this temple was the coronation of Alexander the Great as the son of the god Amun. This was a method Alexander used to become closer to the Egyptians because of their association with their deities at the time, one of which was the deity Amun. In 331 BC M, Alexander the Great paid a visit to this temple. Before being anointed monarch of Egypt, he was crowned as a son of the deity Amun upon his arrival in Egypt.Alexander the Great tried to show appreciation and respect for the Egyptian gods because he knew of the great importance of this matter to them.

The Temple of Amun

Many stories about the Temple of Amun have been passed down through the generations. The most famous of these is the story of Cambyses’ lost army, which was lost in the desert and was never found when they went to demolish this temple. In the year 525 BC,the Persian King Cambyses sent an army to demolish the Temple of Amun to prove to the Egyptians and Greeks the corruption of their faith towards the revelation and prophecy that was associated with the temple, but this army on its way to Siwa Oasis completely disappeared and was never found.

It is believed that this is due to a natural factor, so some conclude that this army was buried under the sands of the desert due to strong storms and winds, and this matter remained one of the mysteries associated with the Temple of Amun and one of the stories that people have transmitted throughout the ages about this temple.

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