Tsunami hits Japan coast after underwater volcano erupts

Tsunami hits Japan coast after underwater volcano erupts

A Tsunami hits Japan coast on Sunday morning after a huge underwater volcano erupted in the kingdom of “Tonga” in the Pacific Ocean, prompting the Meteorological Agency to issue warnings to more than 210,000 people to move from vulnerable places.

Tsunami hits Japan coast

Tsunami hits Japan coast

The Japan Meteorological Agency said that the tsunami waves reached a height of three meters, and they could strike some other islands in southwestern Japan, such as Amami Island and the northeastern Iwate Prefecture.

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Residents reported seeing a 1.2-meter tsunami in Amami a short time before midnight yesterday.

The Japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency said it had asked more than 210,000 people to stay away from beaches and to stay away from coastal areas until warnings were lifted.

It is worth noting that the volcano erupted yesterday, on Saturday, which raised warnings about a tsunami in a group of Pacific countries.

Prime Minister of New Zealand “Jacinda Ardern” said the images of the volcanic eruption near the Tonga archipelago are very worrying, adding that agencies are still trying to establish contact with officials there after they were cut off across Tonga by the massive eruption.

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