El-Sakakini Palace.. An Architectural Masterpiece in Egypt

El-Sakakini Palace.. An Architectural Masterpiece in Egypt

El-Sakakini Palace.. An Architectural Masterpiece in Egypt. Old Cairo has a heritage that bears witness to the greatness and majesty of Egypt’s history. It is just steps away from the Ghamra metro station, specifically in Sakakini Square in the Al-Zaher area. Your eyes will be drawn to the Sakakini Palace, an Italian masterpiece that embodies the highest verses of creativity and beauty in the arts of architecture, construction, and design.

El-Sakakini Palace… an Italian beacon in Cairo’s heart

El Sakakini Palace

Sakakini Palace is one of the oldest palaces in Egypt and is located specifically in Sakakini Square in the center of Cairo. It was built in 1897 AD by Habib Pasha Sakakini. The palace is characterized by its unique architectural design, where different styles from around the world overlap. It was built by architects from Italy, who came specially to participate in its construction, and it is considered a model of rococo art, which is the art of the aristocracy and the middle class. This type of art is characterized by its highly elaborate language and wonderful artistic decorations.

The palace was built in the Italian style, in which the construction process was carried out by an Italian company commissioned by Habib Pasha Sakakini to be a copy of the palace that he saw in Italy and fell in love with. He chose for his palace an attractive location radiating from eight main roads.

El Sakakini Palace

Habib Pasha Al-Sakakini chose an attractive location for his palace in Cairo, specifically in the Al-Zaher area, from which eight important and distinctive roads radiate, and thus the palace became a central point in the Al-Zaher area. The Sakakini Palace style combines Italian, Roman, and Greek styles, as well as the nobility of the distinguished Islamic style.

The palace includes a group of unique artifacts, in addition to the statue of the girl, “Dora the Crown,” next to the remains of a statue in the form of a crocodile. The palace is decorated with the shapes of girls and children whose original color has disappeared, and statues made of marble. The palace has more than 400 windows and doors and 300 statues, including a bust of Habib Pasha Sakakini at the top of the main entrance to the palace.

El Sakakini Palace

The palace has an elevator and overlooks a balcony with a round dome that leads to the summer living room. It also has a circular garden around it, rich in trees and roses. Although the garden surrounding the palace is not wide, it helps isolate the palace from some of the modern buildings in the vicinity of the palace.

The palace contains statues of two lions on the front of the palace and also of a naked girls and children. The palace has conical domes of Byzantine and medieval design, and there is a beautiful marble fountain on two floors.

The palace also contains many paintings, natural and human landscapes, and other scenes that contain animal drawings. The entrance of the palace is beautified by a very beautiful fountain made of marble, where the fountain has two floors with decorations for the heads of lions of great beauty, and next to it are two statues embodying a sitting lion made of marble as well, and the water comes out of his mouth, and there is also a marble bust carried on a marble base on the facade of the palace, belonging to its owner, Habib Pasha al-Sakakin.

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