The Roman Theater : Architecture witnessing 3 civilizations
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The Roman Theater : Architecture witnessing 3 civilizations

The Roman Theater is one of Alexandria’s most popular monuments . it is the only Roman Theater that found in Egypt

The Roman Theater ..Alexandria’s architectural masterpiece that lived through three civilizations

The Roman Theater

At the beginnings of the fourth century AD, the Roman theater was built in Alexandria to be the first theater to be built in Egypt, and to this day it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Alexandria.

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In the year 1960, the Roman Theater of Alexandria was found by chance. When the workmen proceeded to clear the site for the construction of a governmental structure, they discovered several strong iron columns, indicating that something was hidden beneath. Following that, excavation work in the area started, which was carried out by the Greco-Roman Museum and the Polish Excavation Mission in Egypt, which was supported by the University of Warsaw. Soon later, the dig uncovered one of Egypt’s most significant finds of the twentieth century, the Roman Theater .

The Roman Theater

The building is designed in the form of a staircase in the shape of the letter “U”, and consists of 13 rows of terraces made of solid pink granite. Each row is numbered with letters and numbers in Greek, working to organize seating, which accommodates about 600 people, and in 2004, lecture halls were discovered next to it. It has 21 halls, which indicates its use as a lecture hall.

In addition, the theater was dedicated to concerts and to listening to music,  as it was equipped to listen to concerts without a microphone due to the presence of the dome and the orchestra area, where the engineering design allowed the sound to reach all attendees and they could hear it, especially those sitting on the sides of the theater This is thanks to the wind that carries the sound and hits the western wall, causing the sound to reverberate all over the place, so all the audience can hear it.

The Roman Theater

The theater was also used as a hall for political meetings, as the emblem of the Byzantine state was found among the antiquities it contained, and phrases and words engraved on the stands were found about luck and victory for the Green Party, which supports the idea that the Roman theater was used for political purposes in the era of the Byzantine state.

The stands of the theater were topped by 5 booths, of which there are now only two booths. The ceiling of these booths contained domes located on a group of columns. As for the amphitheaters, they were on a thick wall made of limestone surrounded by another wall. The exterior is a main pillar of the interior wall. The site also includes two mosaic halls that include geometric decorations at the entrance.

The Roman Theater

The Roman Theater consists of 13 rows of marble stands numbered with Greek letters and numbers to organize the seating process. The ceiling of the cabin has domes based on a group of columns, whose function was to protect the seated people from the sun and rain, and to deliver sound to them, but it fell due to the strong earthquake that Alexandria suffered in the sixth century AD.

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