Severe solar flares threats Earth's navigation systems

Severe solar flares threats Earth’s navigation systems

Severe solar flares threats Earth’s navigation systems. According to space weather observation data from the Institute of Applied Geophysics, an intense glow occurred in the M5.5 category sun that lasted 21 minutes.

Severe Solar flares threats navigation systems on the earth.

Severe solar flares

The institute’s statement indicates that this solar flares was accompanied by coronal mass ejections and radio flashes of spectral categories II and IV.

Based on this data, it is not excluded that there will be a malfunction in the operation of the Earth’s navigation systems, as after 29 minutes of the glow, protons began to penetrate into the near-Earth space.

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The effect of the sun’s X-ray emissions in the ionosphere is equivalent to R2, causing problems in terrestrial navigation systems and loss of communication with ships and aircraft within tens of minutes.

The strength of the solar solar flares had previously been estimated to be comparable to one billion thermonuclear bombs. In terms of solar energy, 150 million kilometres is nothing.Streams of radioactive particles disable spacecraft and would kill an unprotected human if they were subjected to them. However, the Earth’s atmosphere shelters humans from its impact, and magnetic storms caused by the sun’s flares colliding with the Earth’s magnetic field have an influence on human health.

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