Scientists detect water vapor in Super Neptune planet
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Scientists detect water vapor in Super Neptune planet

Scientists have discovered water vapor in Super Neptune planet , also known as “TOI-674 b”.

Astronomer detect water vapor in Super Neptune planet:

water vapor in Super Neptune planet

An international team led by Jonathan Brandi from the University of Kansas, USA, said that the recently discovered planet (TOI-674 b), which is slightly larger than Neptune, orbits around a red dwarf star about 150 light-years away, belonging to the group of “exoplanets” known to contain water vapor.

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The researchers gave proof that the planet’s atmosphere includes water vapor during the study, which was published on the website of the US space agency NASA, but many issues remain, such as the amount of water vapor transported in its atmosphere.

The atmosphere of TOI-674b is considerably simpler to see than the atmospheres of many other exoplanets, making it an ideal candidate for further examination with the recently launched James Webb Space Telescope.

The planet was first discovered by TESS, then the light spectrum was measured by Hubble, and data from the now retired Spitzer Space Telescope helped astronomers discover some components of the planet’s atmosphere. Once the James Webb Space Telescope is operational, it should be able to examine the planet’s atmosphere.

One of the characteristics of this planet is that it orbits around its young star so tightly that “a year” on this planet, once it orbits around the star, takes less than two days.

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