Underwater volcanic eruption felt all over the globe
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Underwater volcanic eruption felt all over the globe

Underwater volcanic eruption felt all over the globe….NASA has shared images taken from the windows of the International Space Station’s dome, which show a blanket of ash plumes spewing thousands of feet into the atmosphere. Ash was filmed flying into the air from the massive underwater volcanic eruption in Tonga. A gigantic eruption that occurs once every thousand years and is large enough to be visible from space.

Underwater volcanic eruption spread its shadow over the globe.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail,” the volcanic eruption generated a 7.4-magnitude earthquake, which resulted in a tsunami that buried the island in ash and blocked it off from outside aid.

NASA astronaut Kayla Barron captured the images as the station passed over New Zealand, 1,200 miles from the volcano’s site. In the United States, waves of over four feet were recorded on the California coast, and tsunamis were recorded along the coasts of Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia in Canada and Alaska.

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Astronaut Barron opened the window in the dome and saw the effects of the volcanic eruption, then pulled out her camera to capture the effects.

“Ash from the underwater volcanic eruption in the remote Pacific nation of Tonga made its way thousands of feet into the atmosphere and was visible from the space station” the NASA_Astronauts account wrote on Twitter.

There are four images shared by the NASA team, each showing the area around New Zealand and showing a sky full of ash and dust.

Perhaps one of the images makes it appear that the sky is completely covered by a thick white cloud, and another shows strands of clouds appearing to cover half of the planet.

Satellite images documented the moment of its eruption, as a variety of weather satellites filmed the eruption of the volcano as it occurred, exhibiting a massive “mushroom-like” cloud spanning the whole island of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean.

Underwater volcanic eruption

Underwater volcanic eruption

Underwater volcanic eruption

Underwater volcanic eruption

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