Microsoft enables voice typing in Windows 11
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Microsoft enables voice typing in Windows 11

Microsoft enables voice typing in Windows 11…Last month, Microsoft began testing the Windows 11 Voice Access feature with version 22518, as this feature allows you to manage basic tasks on Windows 11 using voice commands.

Microsoft adds voice typing in Windows 11

voice typing in Windows 11

Where you can use the feature to open or close an application, search for anything on the web browser, and other similar functions, it can also be used to dictate text or control the mouse pointer on your computer, and now, the company has announced that it is adding voice access to the virtual keyboard with the new Windows Insider Update.

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How does voice access work in Windows 11 with the virtual keyboard?

According to Microsoft‘s new blog, you may utilize the functionality to reveal or conceal the virtual keyboard by using commands such as “Show Keyboard” or “Hide Keyboard.” Since you can already use the capability to dictate text, the major purpose of this feature on the virtual keyboard is to help you spell things like names and email addresses, enter numbers, punctuation, symbols, and emojis.

Once you open the virtual keyboard using the voice command, you will see a number above each key, and the number will help you press the key with the voice command.

Apart from this, the company has also announced that it has started rolling out voice typing capability to download speech packs from the Microsoft Store for device-based speech recognition that provides better transcription performance, and it should be noted that these features are only available to registered users of the Windows Insider Program. The company has yet to reveal when the features will be available in a public release.

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