Moon Knight has a psychologically disturbed superhero
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Moon Knight has a psychologically disturbed superhero

After a long wait, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has released the trailer for the action-adventure series “Moon Knight,” whose hero is psychologically disturbed.

Marvel’s latest work .. Moon Knight has a psychologically disturbed superhero

The trailer, which is based on Marvel‘s superhero comics, tells the story of the hero Mark Spector, a former US soldier who suffers from an identity crisis and fights criminals thanks to the power bestowed upon him by the ancient Egyptian “moon god” Khonsu.

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The series will officially launch on the “Disney +” platform on March 30, and it will consist of six episodes depicting the story of “The Moon Knight,” whose comic story was first published in 1975 and was written by writer Doug Munch and painter Don Berlin. But the new series is not entirely faithful to the original story, with many updates and new characters introduced.

Spector appears in the trailer as “Stephen,” a gift shop clerk at a British Museum who can’t tell the difference between his daily life and his nightmares, and he plays with a Rubik’s cube because he can’t sleep, and in the morning he gets out of bed in a panic to discover his feet tied to his bed. He seemed to have forgotten that he had tied himself up the night before to keep himself from moving and wandering while sleeping.

One night at the museum, He uncovered a secret key and an ancient phone that was ringing, and when he answered it, the woman on the other end of the phone yelled, “What’s wrong, Mark?” It is one of Stephen’s identities, Mark Spector, and the two characters must learn how to interact with one body when it plunges them into a fatal mystery involving the “gods of ancient Egypt.

Ethan Hawke, an actor from the United States, plays Arthur Harrow, the villain in “The Moon Knight,” and Hawke stunned audiences in August when he revealed that his character was based on David Koresh, the religious leader of the Davidic sect who was assassinated in Waco, Texas, in 1993.

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