Binance's founder...from McDonald's worker to a millionaire

Binance’s founder…from working at McDonald’s to a millionaire

According to a Russia Today report, Zhang Zhao,Binance’s founder, has become a competitor to the world’s tech giants after amassing a fortune of nearly one hundred billion dollars in cryptocurrencies, according to a Russia Today report.

Binance’s founder… from working at McDonald’s to becoming Asia’s richest man

Binances founder

Zhao, who previously worked at McDonald’s restaurants serving burgers, suddenly soared on the world’s wealthy list and became a challenger to technological giants such as Mark Zuckerberg, founder of “Facebook,” and Larry Page and Sergey Brin, founders of “Google.”

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However, the inventor of “Binance” does not match the stereotypical picture of a millionaire and is regarded as one of the world’s most mysterious personalities, according to Lenta. According to the website, Zhao does not own real estate, does not own costly cars, does not wear fancy watches, prefers not to appear in public, either personally or professionally, and prioritises privacy.

Zhao was born in the Chinese state of Jiangsu in 1977, and he has had to adapt to harsh living conditions since childhood. Moreover, his father was persecuted in the 1970s, and Zhao resolved to find a solution to alter his family’s tough living situation.

Zhao was first introduced to cryptocurrencies in 2013 at a casual poker game with Bobby Li, CEO of BTC China crypto exchange, and cryptocurrency investor Ron Kao, who recommended he take a chance and invest a tenth of his funds in bitcoin.

Zhao rapidly comprehended the technical documentation of the first cryptocurrency and was familiar with encryption technology utilizing public and private keys, which made it simple for him.

Zhao emphasised that, aside from being able to rent a room at a nice hotel and fly business class, he is not taking advantage of his enormous money.

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