Final Fantasy XIV is available again after its stop

Final Fantasy XIV is available again after its stop

Final Fantasy XIV is available again after its stop…Finally, the famous game Final Fantasy XIV is coming back after fixing the server issues and implementing a new strategy to expand the global server capacity.

Final Fantasy XIV is available again after its outage.

Final Fantasy XIV is available

It’s no secret that Square Enix‘s massive online multiplayer RPG is one of the most popular video games out there right now, but that popularity backfired, as Square Enix was forced to stop accepting new players due to Endwalker’s recent expansion causing server issues, but players can now buy the game again after six weeks and a server fix.

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The new player caused “extremely long wait times due to the heavy concentration of playing hours exceeding our server capacity, especially during peak times,” according to Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of Final Fantasy 14. This prompted Yoshida and the team to begin planning to expand global server capacity.

Today they released “Patch 6.08”, which introduced major modifications to the battle system and character classes, as well as an entirely new data center named Oceanian.

And the new server launches on January 26, 2022, allowing for the creation of a new character, as well as Home World Transfers, which give players access to switching data centers.

The update also introduces “New Worlds,” which are worlds that players can travel to and receive special rewards. These worlds include double experience points and coins for in-game rewards.

Registrations for the new free trial are still prohibited, and the time of the new trial has not been mentioned yet .

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