The best 5 Healthy Cold Weather Snacks
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The best 5 Healthy Cold Weather Snacks

The best 5 Healthy Cold Weather Snacks…The cold winter weather leads to an increase in the feeling of hunger and you resort to excessive eating as your body suffers from changes in energy levels and metabolism until it reaches a temperature that keeps it warm, and there are five healthy foods that must be eaten in the winter.

The best Healthy Cold Weather Snacks:

 Healthy Cold Weather Snacks

  • Oatmeal: 
    A bowl full of oats helps keep you warm on a cold morning. Oats are natural, delicious, and full of essential vitamins and minerals. They’re also a healthy meal, especially if you choose low-fat milk (or soy), and top them with raisins or berries for extra sweetness.
  • Popcorn
    Think about the healthy homemade type, not the buttery, salty, chemical-laden variety. This whole grain is a delightful snack to enjoy while curled up in front of the fireplace. It is rich in iron and low in calories.
  • sunflower seeds
    A handful of dry sunflower seeds is a healthier option for a cold winter because they are high in potassium, Vitamin E, and fiber.
    For added crunch, scatter the desired number of seeds on a baking sheet, and roast them ever so slightly in the oven.
  • Apple Slices in the Oven
    While an apple a day may keep a doctor away, but eating a cold apple in winter weather is not exactly appetizing. Get all of the advantages of this nutritious fruit while also adding some heat by placing pieces on a cookie sheet and baking them (at around 325 degrees).Then add some cinnamon for added sweetness and spice, and serve over low-fat yoghurt.
  • Dried fruit
    provides warmth as well as minerals and vitamins to the body. Eat only a small amount of dried fruit because it is high in calories.

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