A six-legged Chinese robot skies through the snow

A six-legged Chinese robot skies through the snow

A six-legged Chinese robot skies through the snow…Unbelievable images from testing conducted in Shenyang, China last month show a six-legged skiing robot slaloming down a pure white hill with ease.

A six-legged Chinese robot moves with skateboards in snowy environments.

A six legged Chinese robot

Experts at Shanghai Jiao Tong University designed the robot, which stands on two legs on each ski and holds ski poles with its middle legs.

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According to the British newspaper, “The Daily Mail“, it has been proven that the robot is capable of skating 10 meters per second across a 400-meter long track on an 18-degree slope.

According to the researchers, the robot may be able to compete in robot skiing contests in the future, as well as patrol slopes and assist in snowy rescues.

Mechanical engineer “Gao Feng” and colleagues at Shanghai Jiao Tong University also developed skating mechanisms, and the researchers reported that the robot completed tasks including racing, turning, lane planning, obstacle avoidance, and human-robot interaction through intelligent sensing and braking control.

They added that the robot showed in tests high flexibility and agility. The robot can be controlled by remote human-computer interaction, which enables it to skate among crowds and adds the fun of skating with the robot to skaters.

The legged robot research team also developed the skating machine under the name “Science and Technology Winter Olympics,” and the project was supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

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