Astronomer spot mysterious object in the milky way
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Astronomer spot mysterious object in the milky way

Astronomers are still discovering mysterious object in the milky way that defy expectations, according to BBC News.

Astronomer spot mysterious object in the milky way ,Unlike anything astronomers have seen before

mysterious object in the milky way

According to an engadged report, researchers from the Curtin University node of the International Center for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) discovered a strange object orbiting in the Milky Way about 4,000 light-years away.

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And that object sent out a giant burst of polarized radio energy for a full minute every 18 minutes, and it appeared and disappeared over the course of a few hours of observations for context, and the pulsar’s explosion lasted a few seconds or less.

The object is smaller than the Sun but one of the brightest radio objects in the sky during its bursts, and the disappearances were also unique, according to team leader Hurley Walker, Curtin’s student, Tyrone O’Doherty, who first discovered the object using a combination of Australia’s Murchison Widefield Array and a new observation method.

mysterious object in the milky way

Hurley Walker said the data matched a predictable (but not yet discovered) object known as an extra-long-period magnetar, which is a neutron star that rotates at a relatively slow rate. Even if that were the case, scientists would be curious as to why the object converts magnetic energy into radio waves at such a high rate. It could also be a white dwarf with an unusually strong magnetic field, or something entirely different.

Hurley Walker is still tracking the object should it exhibit strange behavior again, and she plans to examine the archives of the Murchison Matrix to see if there have been similar things before. Whatever that entity is, the results are important and can shape our understanding of the stars and the universe as a whole.

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