Tree stump on the surface of Mars puzzles scientists

Tree stump on the surface of Mars puzzles scientists

Scientists were perplexed after the Mars probe discovered an incredible image of Tree stump on the surface of Mars. Although it was captured on June 13, it was only recently published, according to

The ” Exo Mars program” is a joint mission between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian Space Agency (Roscosmos), which studies Mars from above, orbits the planet and collects data about its scattered atmosphere. The TGO sees Mars from above and takes pictures with the color imaging system camera and the stereoscopic surface.

A picture of a Tree stump on the surface of Mars puzzles scientists

Tree stump on the surface of Mars

The strange image puzzled scientists, because it appears from the top in the form of a huge tree trunk, with concentric rings in its center indicating the years of its life. However, it is not a strange tree trunk, but an archaeological hole filled with ice.

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Although the crater’s rings do not indicate its age, the patterns within the crater may help researchers better understand its structure and what happened on Mars throughout its history.

According to a statement from the European Space Agency, scientists believe the crater, filled with ice-rich sediments, was deposited very early in the planet’s history. It is believed that these deposits in the impact crater settled there because of how the tilt of the planet, or the axis of rotation, changed over time. The tilt of the planet, on Earth, causes seasonal changes, and the tilt of Mars has changed significantly over time compared to the tilt of the Earth.

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