World's longest lightning bolt lasts 8.5 seconds

World’s longest lightning bolt lasts 8.5 seconds

World’s longest lightning bolt lasts 8.5 seconds…A huge bolt of lightning near the city of Wiggins in Mississippi that stretched across the skies of Louisiana and Texas towards Freeport on the Gulf of Mexico set a new record, taking a total of eight and a half seconds, and experts at the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said the lightning bolt extended a distance of 477.2 miles (768 km), the equivalent of the distance between London and Hamburg, Germany.

World’s longest lightning bolt lasts 8.5 seconds and extends more than 477 miles

Worlds longest lightning bolt

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail,” this number beats previous records by approximately 37 miles (60 km). The World Meteorological Organization’s Committee of Experts on Weather and Extreme Climate Phenomena announced a new world record for the duration of a lightning flash.

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In recent years, the technology used to detect the length and duration of lightning flashes has advanced dramatically, allowing for much larger recordings than in the past.

The previous “megaflash” records, from 2018 and 2019, were the first to be verified using the new satellite lightning image technology, and both were more than double the records that preceded them using data collected from terrestrial technology.

It is possible that there are still larger extremes, and that we will be able to monitor them as lightning detection technology improves, “said Cervini, of Arizona State University.

The World Meteorological Organization highlighted that the new record strikes occurred in the Great Plains of North America and the La Plata Basin in South America, known as the hotspots of so-called Mesotropical System (MCS) thunderstorms, which allow massive flashes to occur.

The World Meteorological Organization emphasized that the new lightning strikes were not isolated occurrences, but rather occurred during active and widespread thunderstorms, making them more dangerous.

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