Australians try to bring an extinct animal back to life
مادة إعلانية
مادة إعلانية
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Australians try to bring an extinct animal back to life

Australians are trying to bring an extinct animal back to life…Researchers in Australia have made a scientific breakthrough that paves the way for the cloning of the “Tasmanian tiger,” which became extinct in the 1940s, according to “Sky News.”

A new scientific achievement: Australians try to bring an extinct animal back to life

bring an extinct animal back to life

What made the matter even more exciting was that researchers from the University of Western Australia relied on the DNA of another animal, known as “the numbat,” or striped anteater, in order to bring the Tasmanian tiger back to life.

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Scientists used a sample of the blood of this endangered animal. In turn, they got to know his genetic map and said that this helped them greatly.

Researcher and professor at the University of Barwinder Kaur says that what was recently obtained thanks to “namps” can allow deciphering animals close to them, such as Tasmanian tigers.

“This achievement opens the door to the possibility of bringing the Tasmanian tiger back to life,” Corre added, similar to previous US efforts that tried to clone the animal known as the “woolly mammoth” based on DNA extracted from an Asian elephant.

It explains that the “Numpat” shares up to 95 percent of its DNA with animals close to it, such as the Tasmanian tiger.

مادة إعلانية

The researcher stated that “technology has made tremendous progress, so it is possible that the next decade will witness the emergence of revolutionary technologies that open the door to bringing extinct animals back to life based on cloning through DNA.”

Core added that “science has become less expensive, because extracting the genome cost only a thousand dollars, while the completion of the first complete map of the human genome cost 2.7 billion dollars when it was completed in 2009.”

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