The scary side of Tom Cruise that you've never seen before

The scary side of Tom Cruise that you’ve never seen before

The scary side of Tom Cruise that you’ve never seen before…The first business manager of the famous American star, Tom Cruise, spoke about the dark side of his personality. “Eileen Berlin” said in statements to the British newspaper “Daily Mail” that she contracted with Tom Cruise to handle his firm immediately after he turned 18 and was his first female business manager.

But their professional relationship ended when he moved from Los Angeles to New York after the success of his hit movie “Top Gun” in the mid-1980s.

The scary side of Tom Cruise that you’ve never seen before

scary side of Tom Cruise

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According to the Russian Sputnik agency, Berlin mentioned one of the never-forgettable situations for Cruz when he refused to shake hands with a waitress in a restaurant during the filming of the movie “Taps” in 1981, and justified this by saying that he was still impersonating the dramatic character that he embodies in the work events.

Berlin described the situation in which the waitress asked Tom Cruise, “Aren’t you one of the actors?” It was revealed that Cruise appeared disturbed after she got to know him, and then he did not direct his talk to her and said to me, “Please tell her not to ask me any questions, I’m still in character.”

Eileen Berlin confirmed in her statements that Tom Cruise always “seeks perfection” when it comes to his film career, explaining, “He was always very ambitious, very determined to be a star, and always obsessed with his appearance.”

And she continued, “I wish he had other things in his life, but I don’t think he likes people, but he loves what he does.”

She also said that Cruz has a “terrible mood,” which led to the famous incident two years ago when a newspaper published a leaked recording of him yelling at the crew of his new movie, “Mission Impossible 7,” for breaking safety rules for the “Corona” virus.

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