International films condemning war and its brutality
مادة إعلانية
مادة إعلانية
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International films condemning war and its brutality

مادة إعلانية

International films condemning war and its brutality…War films occupy a tangible space in world cinema in general, and especially in American cinema, which excelled in the depiction of war battles.Many films called “war films” depict the human aspect of war, starting from depicting the suffering of soldiers at the front, until the difficulties of their lives after the war, and they are films that present the other side of the war, and the ugliness of its consequences.

International films condemning war and its result

  1. Platoonfilms condemning war
    A movie starring Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, and Willem Dafoe. It embodies the state of the war that took place in Vietnam, in which the director provided us with a realistic look at the brutal war that took place there, depicting the details of the woes that wars lead to: moral disasters and unlimited horror.
    The film begins with a college student named “Chris” who volunteers to serve in the army during the war in Vietnam. After a few weeks of the war, the whole picture begins to become clearer in front of “Chris”, who begins to discover the folly and insignificance of the real reasons behind this war, which led him to this hell, especially after he understands the vision of the world of war, during which he turned into a mere killing and rape machine.
  2. Schindler’s listfilms condemning war
    Starring Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley, Embeth Daviditz, and Carolyn Goodall. It is based on a true story written by Thomas Kinley of the same name as Schindler’s List. It talks about a real person, Oskar Schindler, a German industrialist, who is completely indifferent to politics and is an opportunistic businessman interested in collecting money and spending it on his own pleasures.
    Oscar goes to Poland as one of the war merchants, where he invests in people’s pain and suffering, taking advantage of their difficult circumstances only to increase his own profit. He makes a special agreement with the Nazis on the one hand and with the Jews of Poland on the other.
  3. Path of gloryfilms condemning war
    The movie stars Kirk Douglas, George McCready, and Ralph Maker. The film is adapted from the novel of the same name, “Paths of Glory”, where he depicted the battles of the First World War between France and Germany, showing the helplessness of France.
    The story of the film revolves around the French Chief of the Military Staff, who orders a general to launch an attack on one of the strategic hills on which the German soldiers are holed up. Despite the certainty of this general that this task is impossible to accomplish, he insists on his approval and leads the soldiers on an impossible task only for the sake of a deal to promote him.
    It also tells  about the soldiers of battle, for whom death becomes an inevitable fate with the expansion of freedom to choose the best and easiest death.
  4. Saving Private Ryanfilms condemning war
    The film stars Tom Hanks, Vin Diesel, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore, and Edward Burns. It revolves around a mother who demands the return of her fourth conscript son after she lost three of them due to the war itself. The fourth son is “James Ryan”, a conscript in the ranks of the US Army, who is fighting in France. Composed of eight fighters headed by Officer John Miller, they are on a mission to rescue Ryan and return him to his tormented mother.
  5. Full metal jacketfilms condemning war
    The film stars Matthew Modine, Vincent Donofrio, R. Lee Ermey, and Arliss Howard. It is adapted from Hasford’s novel “The Short-Timers,” in which he talks about his experience as a soldier in the Vietnam War.
    The film highlights the repercussions of the Vietnam War on the Americans and the use of individuals as chess pieces by the military or politicians for their own purposes, as the film revolves around an American battalion under the supervision of a strict military training commander who uses cruel and deliberate methods to make his soldiers powerful killing machines.
مادة إعلانية

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