Experts: Alien life may be too scared of dangerous humans
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Experts: Alien life may be too scared of dangerous humans

Alien life may be too scared of dangerous humans…Science fiction movies and TV shows have routinely depicted a feral race of aliens visiting Earth in their spacecraft and enslaving Earthlings, but according to one expert, extraterrestrial life may actually be too afraid of humans and consider them dangerous and violent to want to come here.

Experts: Alien life may be too scared of dangerous humans

Alien life may be too scared

Humans are dangerous, violent, and continually engaged in endless bloody struggles and wars, says Dr. Gordon Gallup, a biopsychologist at the University of Albany. For this reason, aliens with the technological capability would probably be tempted to pay a visit to Earth if they existed. to stay away for fear of death and genocide.”

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Dr. Gallup made his argument in an open paper published in Astrobiology this month. If [alien life] exists, it may have found us by now and discovered that humans are dangerous, violent, and ceaselessly engage in endless bloody conflicts and war, and continually develop even more powerful weapons of mass destruction, “

Dr. Gallup added that as a byproduct of increasing pollution, along with endless wars, looting, death, destruction, and the desire for conquest, humans pose an unparalleled and unprecedented danger not only to other life forms on Earth but also to life on other planets.

As an example, Dr. Gallup cites the complete destruction of the advanced Aztec and Inca civilizations and the subsequent genocide of the indigenous population, the destruction of their temples and buildings, and the theft of their wealth and natural resources.

Gallup wrote, “If humans on Earth become aware of advanced civilizations and desirable resources on other worlds, will these indigenous extraterrestrials eventually suffer the same fate as the peoples of Mexico and Peru?”

‘If there is intelligent life elsewhere, they may view humans as extremely dangerous. Maybe this is why there is no proof or compelling evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence: we pose too great a risk, and they do not want to be discovered.’

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