Oscar 2022:The Final List of Nominees for the Audience Award
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Oscar 2022:The Final List of Nominees for the Audience Award

Oscar 2022:The Final List of Nominees for the Audience Award…Yesterday, the Academy of Animated Art announced the finalists for the Audience Award for Best Picture. There’s a sweep of superhero and horror movies, as well as movies starring actors with huge fan bases like Camila Cabello.

The Oscars 2022 nominations list in full 

The Academy has announced the addition of two new awards to its list: the Audience Award for Best Picture, which is voted on using the hashtag # OscarsFanFavorite, and the Audience Award for Best Scene, which is voted on using the hashtag # OscarsCheerMoment.

The complete list of Academy Award nominees for 2022 is below.

    • Army of the DeadOscar 2022 

      The huge audience for director Zack Snyder made sure to leave a mark on that award by voting for his horror movie “Army of the Dead”, as his previous movie “Justice League” was not eligible for the award because it was not released in cinemas.

    • CinderellaOscar 2022
    • Fans of pop artist Camila Cabello (“The Camilles”) are no strangers to audience-voted prizes, which is how her film Cinderella made the list of finalists.
    • The Power of the DogOscar 2022

    The purpose of the award was to include and represent various moviegoers, but that did not prevent Jane Champion’s The Power of the Dog from appearing on the two lists: Best Picture (Academic Voted) and Best Picture (People Voted).

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    • DuneOscar 2022 


      The second joint Academy Award and Audience Award film is Dune, directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, who have a huge young fan base.

    • MalignantOscar 2022  

      Malignant is one of the most-traded horror films of 2021, which is why horror film fans got together to represent their genre at the Oscars in 2022, in order to make up for the Academy’s disregard of it.

    • MinamataOscar 2022
      Johnny Depp’s fans were also keen to see him appear on the list with his latest movie, Minamata.
    • Sing 2Oscar 2022
      There is no doubt that the second part of the popular animated movie, Sing 2, will appear on the list, especially since its stars, Halsey, Scarlett Johansson, and Pharrell Williams, co-star.
    • Spider-man: No Way HomeOscar 2022
      The latest Marvel movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, was the most predictable movie to win the award, as Spider-Man fans got together for the first time, whether they preferred Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, or Tobey Maguire.
    • The Suicide Squad
      The second superhero movie on the list is “The Suicide Squad,” directed by James Gunn and starring Margot Robbie, John Cena, and Idris Elba.
    • Tick, Tick… ​​BoomOscar 2022
      This is Andrew Garfield’s second appearance on the list, and Tick, Tick… This was Boom’s third appearance at the Oscars, as it was also nominated for Best Actor and Best Editing.

Voting ends tomorrow, and the Oscars will be held on March 27th.

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