The first Muslim superhero...Ms Marvel in hijab 
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The first Muslim superhero…Ms Marvel in hijab 

The first Muslim superhero…Ms Marvel in hijab…Marvel released the first trailer for the Ms. Marvel series, starring Iman Fellaini as the first Muslim superhero.

Ms Marvel : The first Muslim superhero in marvel series

The story is about Kamala Kan, a 16-year-old Pakistani student who does not feel like she fits in her world and enjoys art and superheroes, but her life changes when she gains extraordinary powers that transform her into one of the heroes she has admired her whole life.

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Kamala appears in the mosque praying in a hijab, joined by her closest friend, “Nakia,” who appears in every scene wearing a hijab, embodied by actress Jasmine Fletcher.

The series is directed by the Moroccan duo “Adel Elaraby” and “Bilal Falah”, with the participation of Indian “Mira Menon” and Pakistani “Sharmeen Obaid Shinui”.

The first Muslim superhero

The series, which also stars Indian actor Fawad Khan, Aramis Knight, Matt Lintz, Mohan Kapoor, Rish Shah, and Travena Springer, is set to launch on Disney Plus on June 8th.

Kamala is set to join Brie Larson and Teona Paris in the second instalment of Captain Marvel, called The Marvels.

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