Critics opinions on Moon Knight..The best Marvel series ever

Critics’ opinions on Moon Knight…the best Marvel series ever

Critics’ opinions on Moon Knight…Some critics expressed their opinions on the latest Marvel series after they got a chance to watch it and posted their positive opinions on social media.

Critics’ opinions on Moon Knight

opinions on Moon Knight

The series is directed by Mohamed Diab and stars Oscar Isaac. The critics’ opinions met in Moon Knight as the best Marvel series, and there is no doubt that the Egyptian director added a new touch that Hollywood has not experienced before.

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StreamrNews journalist Mo wrote, “There’s always a question about the ability of Hollywood to adabt more culturally-based stories. But, Mohamed Diab’s deftly helmed direction over the episodes I saw exhibited a clear intention that this was his story tell .

Critic David Obie wrote that the series is very original and close to greatness, but some horror features make it ridiculous, and most fans of comic books and movies may not like it.

Critic Thomas Storey wrote: “Moon Knight is unlike all the previous Marvel series, it’s the kind of psychological thriller that puts you on the edge of your seat with suspense, with an amazing performance by Oscar Isaacs.” The critic also praised Hisham Nazih’s great soundtrack.

As journalist Tom Power wrote, “It’s the best Marvel series ever.”

“Moon Knight is a paranormal adventure in a dark world,” Collider writer Sapp Attlee said, adding that Oscar Isaacs is the greatest actor in the Marvel world since Robert Downey Jr. for his ability to merge comedy and drama.

Moon Knight revolves around employee Stephen Grant, who suffers from multiple personality disorder, and finds himself trapped in the same body as former CIA agent Mark Spector, who is endowed with the powers of God Khonsu, the ancient Egyptian moon god, but finds his powers turned into a curse.

The series is scheduled to premiere on Disney Plus starting March 30th.

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