!French actor Alain Delon calls for euthanasia
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!French actor Alain Delon calls for euthanasia

French actor Alain Delon calls for euthanasia!…Alain Delon, the most handsome actor in the history of cinema, decided to end his life shockingly after revealing his desire to end his life by euthanasia due to the torments of disease, old age and poor health, after suffering a double stroke in 2019 and an open-heart operation that almost cost him his life.

French actor Alain Delon calls for euthanasia!

Alain Delon calls for euthanasia

Alain Dion, the 87-year-old French actor, director and producer, intends to shorten his way to the afterlife and voluntarily end his life after asking his son, actor Anthony Delon, to arrange his departure from life by euthanasia in Switzerland.

This is after his late wife, French actress Natalie Delon, chose to die in the same horrific way, after discovering that she had pancreatic cancer and reaching a hopeless condition.

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Alain Delon indicated in a previous interview back in 2018, that he is not afraid of death, but he does not want to leave alone with his pain

Dion is of Italian-German descent from his parents, and began his artistic career in the short film (Le rapt) in 1949, including his works (L “Eclisse), (The Leopard), (Le Samouraï) and (Zorro).

Euthanasia is legal in many countries of the world, most notably Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and is done through the patient’s arrival in a hopeless condition and his request to end his pain through a lethal injection.

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