Volcanic Eruption in Philippines forces thousands to flee

Volcanic Eruption in Philippines forces thousands to flee

Volcanic Eruption in Philippines forces thousands to flee ,Thousands of people have fled their homes as the Philippines’ second-most active volcano, Taal volcano, erupts, with two eruptions recorded early Sunday. According to Philippine officials, at least 3,300 people have evacuated their houses in the area of the volcano after two explosions were detected early Sunday.

Volcanic Eruption in Philippines causes thousands to flee

Volcanic Eruption in Philippines

Taal volcano erupted in Batangas province, 66 km south of Manila, on Saturday, releasing a column of steam, gas, and ash 3 km high.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology reported that the eruptions from the main crater of the “Taal” volcano on Sunday resulted in columns ranging in height from 400 to 800 metres.

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Renato Solidum, the institute’s director, said the “Taal” volcano’s alert remained on the third level.

This means that there is activity of molten rock. The magma is slowly rising to the crater and its interaction with the water causes the eruptions,” Renato Solidum told Teleradio.

Since Saturday, 3,383 people from the high-risk communities of Agoncillo and Laurel, which are near the volcano, have moved into public schools that have been converted into evacuation shelters, according to local officials. Some neighbours hesitated to evacuate their houses since the explosions were still very minor.

The volcano’s latest eruption occurred in January 2020, displacing around 376,000 people. A total of 39 people died as a result of illnesses contracted while in evacuation shelters and accidents induced by the severe ash fall.

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