!New iPhone 14 will connect to satellites

!New iPhone 14 will connect to satellites

New leaks of New iPhone 14 revealed features that Apple may add to the iPhone 14 series phones, which are scheduled to be launched next September.

New iPhone 14 will connect to satellites

New iPhone 14


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It is possible that iPhone 14 phones may have a satellite connectivity feature that would let users to send and receive SOS messages when cellular access is unavailable.

The iPhone 14 will include a Qualcomm X60 modem, which will enable phones to communicate via satellite.

It is reported that the “Mac Roomers” website revealed in December 2021 that the new iPhone phones will be without a chip, and that these phones are expected to be launched within the next two years.

In other reports, iPhone 14 devices have been spotted without the rumoured under-display Touch ID sensors.

 US telecommunications companies will present models for the “iPhone 14” that works without a chip in the second quarter of next year.

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