Pokemon Go is developing new games for smartphones

Pokemon Go is developing new games for smartphones

Pokemon Go is developing new games for smartphones…Developers of the popular computer game “Pokemon Go” are seeking to develop new games of their own instead of relying on the old characters of the Japanese company Nintendo’s games, so that they can continue to compete in the smartphone game market, according to a UAE report.

Pokemon Go is developing new games for smartphones..Pridot

Pokemon Go is developing new games

Niantic, the creators of the Pokemon Go game, have created Predot, a new game for smart devices that is reminiscent of the emblem of the renowned ancient game Tamagotchi.

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However, unlike Tamagotchi’s characters, Pridot does not die if it does not receive adequate care, according to Niantic. Alternatively, players may let adult Pridots marry to create new digital animals, and each new Pridot character has unique features, implying that it will take an average player two to three days to breed a newborn Peridot.

Niantic has achieved great success with Pokemon Go in creating a new type of computer game that combines digital content with real life.

Pokemon Go caused quite a stir when it first hit the market in 2016 as millions of people took to the streets to search for virtual animals included in the game that can only be seen on their smartphones through augmented reality technology.

The initial massive popularity of Pokémon Go declined significantly after that, although there is still a group of active players playing it, and some of these players are still spending money on the Pokémon Go app, which means that Niantic continues to generate good revenue.

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