With Emmy Win, Adele Just Needs Tony Award to EGOT

Adele Just Needs Tony Award to EGOT after winning an Emmy for the first time in her career, with only one award remaining to achieve the full mark in the four major awards, a place that only 17 other artists in history have surpassed.

Adele Just Needs Tony Award to EGOT as she takes home first Emmy Award

Adele Just Needs Tony Award

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Adele continued to win awards for her latest album, “30,”  and yesterday she won the first Emmy award in her career, at the Creative Arts Emmys Award. Adele won the award for her television show, “Adele One Night Only,” which was pre-recorded for the television show in At the end of last year, with the participation of Oprah Winfrey, Adele presented songs from her new album for the first time and talked about the journey of making the album, its scenes, and its relationship to her divorce stage, among other things.


With this award, Adele came close to reaching the status of “EGOT,” which refers to the four main awards of “Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony,”  the best and largest awards in the worlds of television, recording, film, and theater. Adele won the first three awards, such as the Academy Award for Best Original Song and several Grammy Awards, and finally an Emmy for the first time, and only the Tony Award for achieving EGOT, which also symbolizes energy, growth, opportunity, and talent.

Only 17 artists in history have achieved EGOT status, including Audrey Hepburn, Rita Moreno, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. They are joined this year by Jennifer Hudson.


Adele won the most prominent awards at this year’s BRIT Awards, led by her single Easy On Me winning the Song of the Year award, before receiving the award and titles of “Artist of the Year” and “Best Album of the Year.” And she was the first artist to receive the award after unifying and cancelling the men’s and women’s categories. Adele is looking forward to many accomplishments and awards, particularly the upcoming Grammy Awards, in which she will compete with her most recent album, and some expect her to win many awards as well.

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