What are the benefits of guava leaves?

What are the benefits of guava leaves ? It seems that the benefits of guava are not limited to its delicious fruits alone, but also extend to the leaves. There are many benefits to guava leaves. Follow the article to know them.

benefits of guava leaves

the benefits of guava leaves

Medicinal benefits of guava leaves


In addition to the guava fruits that have many health benefits, the fresh guava leaf paste and the guava leaf drink also have many benefits, which are the following:

    • contributes to lowering cholesterol.
      Reducing cholesterol is one of the benefits of guava leaves that appear after regularly drinking guava leaves for 8 weeks, lowering cholesterol levels is very important for cardiovascular health.
    • It strengthens the immune system.
      Guava leaves generally help regularly to enhance the health of the immune system and reduce the chances of various diseases.
    • It improves sleep quality.
      According to some specialists, consuming guava leaf tea helps to improve the quality of sleep as it helps to relax and calm the nerves.
    • It relieves digestive problems.
      One of the benefits of guava leaves is their ability to help treat digestive problems due to their ability to reduce mucus secretions that may cause irritation of the digestive system in some cases. It also helps prevent the growth of bad bacteria inside the intestine due to its antibacterial properties.
    • It contributes to stopping tooth pain.
      Guava leaves have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which make them help maintain the health of the mouth and teeth. It is also possible to grind the leaves and make a paste of them that is applied directly to the site of pain in the mouth. This helps to alleviate the pain felt by the patient.
    • Treats for coughs and colds
      Guava leaves contain high levels of vitamin C and iron, so guava leaf tea may help with treating coughs, relieving cold symptoms, and relieving phlegm buildup.
    • lose weight
      Guava leaves may help prevent complex carbohydrates from turning into sugar, which speeds up the process of losing excess weight, and it is recommended to drink guava leaf tea regularly daily for best results.

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The beauty benefits of guava leaves


The benefits of guava leaves were not limited to the medical field, but also had a role in the aesthetic field.

The most prominent aesthetic benefits of guava leaves are as follows:

  • It rids the skin of acne.
    Due to their high content of vitamin C, guava leaves help fight acne and blackheads and get rid of them when crushed and placed directly on the pimple areas.
  • Improves skin appearance
    It is known that guava fruits have astringent properties, but guava leaves have more astringent properties for the skin than the fruit, so the use of boiled guava leaves on the skin helps to contract the muscles, tighten the skin and unify its appearance.
  • Stops hair loss
    One of the aesthetic benefits of guava leaves is their ability to reduce hair loss. This is done by boiling guava leaves, then leaving them until the temperature adjusts, and then massaging them on the scalp.

How to prepare a guava leaves drink:


To get the benefits of guava leaves, it is necessary to know how to prepare them, which is done according to the following:

  • Wash a bunch of guava leaves that are free from holes and blemishes.
  • Leaves are placed in boiling water and left until the temperature becomes moderate.
  • Guava leaf paste can also be prepared for external use by grinding a group of it well to form a paste.

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