The powerful Benefits of Sidr leaves

The powerful Benefits of Sidr leaves .Sidr or buckthorn is a plant that belongs to the family of buckthorn under the rank of rosettes, and is cultivated in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, especially in areas near rivers and mountainous areas, and its original home is the Arabian Peninsula and the countries of the Levant. It can withstand high temperatures and a lack of water, and its types include purgative, Carolinian, Ashar, Californian, Palestinian, and Qadabi.

The Sidr tree is a thorny shrub with small leaves. Its dried bark and roots are used in the treatment of many diseases in folk medicine, such as convulsions, rapid heart rate, diarrhea, asthma, epilepsy, and others, due to its natural properties, as some researchers believe that the chemicals in the bark can have effective effects in treating these diseases, in addition to its ability to kill worms and parasites that cause them, and the possibility of killing cancer cells.

The powerful Benefits of Sidr leaves

Benefits of Sidr leaves

    • Sidr leaves help eliminate blockages in the stomach that may cause gas.
    • They help the digestive system eliminate worms.
    • a good remedy for spleen problems.
    • They help give the body energy and vitality, as they are a natural stimulant.
    • Sidr leaves may help reduce the risk of developing blood poisoning due to their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
    • Sidr leaves have a lowering effect on body fat levels because they contain phenolic compounds that help inhibit oxidative stress.
    • Its ground leaves are used to clean and disinfect the body and hair, and it is even said that hair washed by soaking in these leaves becomes soft.
    • Sidr leaves are a nutritious element for pregnant women because they contain vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorous, iron, and potassium, in addition to simple sugars such as fructose.

The Benefits of boiled Sidr leaves

    • Sidr leaves treat respiratory diseases such as asthma and shortness of breath.
    • It helps reduce body temperature, so it is prescribed in cases of high temperatures.
    • Sidr boiled drink is considered a natural pain reliever in cases of menstrual pain for women.
    • It is prescribed in cases of tooth and joint pain to relieve the pain they cause the patient.
    • It cleanses the intestines and blood and enhances the vitality and activity of the body.

The Side effects of Sidr leaves

 Benefits of Sidr leaves

Sidr leaves are safe if taken in moderate quantities, and despite the many benefits of Sidr leaves, there are some cases that must be taken with caution when consuming Sidr leaves. Sidr lowers blood sugar, so diabetics are advised to monitor their blood sugar carefully, especially if it is drunk in large quantities. It is also advised to stop taking it two weeks before surgery because it can interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery and may also slow down the central nervous system, affecting the effectiveness of anesthetics. It can also cause allergic reactions in many people, especially those allergic to latex.

Is Sidr good for hair?

Sidr has many benefits for hair, most notably:

    • Sidr helps strengthen hair follicles and regulates the secretions of the scalp.
    • It gives the hair more luster and makes its appearance lively and attractive.
    • It contributes significantly to reducing hair loss and treats the problem of light hair.
    • contributes to the treatment of damaged hair and solves the problem of hair breakage.
    • It eliminates dandruff, increases hair softness and gives it a wonderful texture.

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How did the Prophet use sidr?

The Hadith quoted by Lady Ayesha that reads, “God’s messenger used to wash his head with Sidr and then he would apply the Kadhi.” (Related by Abu Al-Shaykh.)

How do you put sidr in your hair?

 Benefits of Sidr leaves

These are the most important Sidr mixtures for hair that treat its problems and make it healthier, which can be done easily at home:

Sidr and the castor oil mask


This mixture helps to make the hair long and thick, and it is recommended to repeat it daily for two weeks to get the best results.

Ingredients: three tablespoons of ground Sidr, two tablespoons of castor oil, two tablespoons of olive or sesame oil.

How to use: The ingredients are mixed together well until a semi-liquid paste is obtained, then the hair is rubbed with the paste for 10 minutes during the shower.

 Ground sidr and yogurt mask 

This mixture works to intensify and strengthen the hair, and it is recommended to repeat it twice a week for a certain period to obtain the desired results.

Ingredients: one egg, yogurt, and ground Sidr.


How to use: Mix the ingredients together, then apply it to the hair and leave it for three hours. Then wash the hair with warm water and moisturize it with aloe vera oil.

Ground sidr and olive oil mask

This mixture helps to make the hair soft.

Ingredients: four tablespoons of ground Sidr, two tablespoons of yogurt, and one tablespoon of olive oil.

How to use: Add a little hot water to the ingredients and then mix them well until a cohesive texture is obtained. Then leave the mixture for half an hour until it ferments. Then put the mixture on the hair and cover it with a lid. Leave it for an hour to three hours. Wash the hair with Nabulsi soap and moisturize with olive oil.

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